Food Industry Services & Packaging

Supplying foods to consumers is now a complex process. A variety of techniques and processes are used to manufacture food products. Food items must be packaged properly to ensure quality and safety. Different types of equipment are used for food packaging. A heat sealer is used to seal thin plastic sleeves and pouches.

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Food Manufacturing 

Most food products available in the market are manufactured by large companies. Manufacturing the food products requires industrial grade equipment and machinery. A manufacturer first sources the ingredients needed to make a food product. Any type of food product must be processed and packaged scientifically. Poor quality food items are a big health risk to the end users. Foods are manufactured under the controlled environment. Manufacturers making food products have to comply with various laws and regulations related to the food processing industry.

Food Processing

Ingredients used to make a food product undergo various processes. A variety of techniques are used to process the food items. The purpose is to clean, sort and prepare the ingredients properly. Raw food produces and other materials are processed under the controlled conditions. The end result is a high quality packaged food item that buyers can eat safely.

Food Preservation

Different types of techniques are used to increase the shelf life of food products. Many old food preservation techniques are still used but nowadays latest equipment and technologies are used for this purpose. Well preserved foods can be eaten even after months and years of storage. It helps make foods available to the people who live far away from the farms. Foods available only during certain seasons become available year-round thanks to the preservation techniques. Some types of foods require continuous controlled environment. For example, frozen foods and raw farm produces require refrigeration to keep them in good condition.

Food Packaging

Food products must be packaged properly. Some types of foods can be packed simply in sacks and bags. It is only the raw farm produces like grains and beans that can be stored this way. Even these items require proper storage to avoid spoilage, infestation and damage. Now very advanced techniques are used to pack foods in completely sealed containers. In some cases, oxygenated air is replaced with an inert gas inside the container. Lack of oxygen helps avoid spoilage and growth of microorganisms. Ready to eat meals that are consumed within a few hours of preparation are generally not sealed completely. Flimsy packaging is used to store and transport such foods. Different types of equipment like plastic heat machine, bottle capping machine, and tin can seams closing machines are used in the food processing industry.